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Houseboat Baikal 18RHouseboat Baikal 18R

Houseboat Baikal 18R

River houseboat with steel hull. Lots of space for a reasonable price.
Houseboat Baikal 16 HPHHouseboat Baikal 16 HPH

Houseboat Baikal 16 HPH

Российский архитектор Макс Живов решил соединить в одном маленьком пространстве сразу несколько больших объ...
Houseboats Baikal 16 HCHouseboats Baikal 16 HC

Houseboats Baikal 16 HC

Houseboat catamaran off-road for living on the water all year round.
Sea houseboat Baikal 15 ExpeditionSea houseboat Baikal 15 Expedition

Sea houseboat Baikal 15 Expedition

Sea houseboat Baikal 15 for travel around Europe.
Houseboat Baikal 14Houseboat Baikal 14

Houseboat Baikal 14

The new catamaran-houseboat made of basalt fabrics surpasses fiberglass yachts in terms of spaciousness, hu...
Houseboat Baikal 12АHouseboat Baikal 12А

Houseboat Baikal 12А

Новый катамаран-хаусбот 12.7х5 метров для частного использования, сдачи в аренду, и специальная версия для ...
Houseboat Baikal 12Houseboat Baikal 12

Houseboat Baikal 12

Inexpensive comfortable houseboat 12 meters. Builds quickly.
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