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Baikal Yachts Group

Baikal Yachts Group is an international consortium of yacht industry specialists in the field of design, engineering and construction of yachts, megayachts, catamarans, houseboats. Orientation to the Russian market and buyers from the CIS.

Now there is the most favorable situation for the start of the construction of steel and aluminum yachts in Russia. This was facilitated by changes in the exchange rate of the ruble against the euro and the dollar, experience gained by shipyards, specialists in the field of yacht finishing were trained, shipyards were re-equipped, equipment for cutting metal with plasma was purchased, engineers were certified and much more.

We are ready to provide you with the best specialists from design to construction and maintenance of yachts. We have a unique Life Yacht program to accompany a yacht throughout her life. Thanks to this program, the owner is relieved of the headache of maintaining the yacht and the crew.

Our services

  1. Design and engineering
    • Russia from 80,000 euros,
    • Thailand from 100,000 euros,
    • Germany from 150,000 euros,
    • Italy from 250,000 euros,
    • New Zealand from 400,000 euros
  2. Analysis of specification, deck plans and shipbuilding contract. Recommendations. Shipyard negotiations.
    • Yachts up to 45 meters - 15.000 euros (70% advance payment)
    • Yachts over 45 meters - 25.000 euros (70% advance payment)
  3. Comprehensive construction management: quality control, budget and deadlines (monthly reporting), selection and coordination of designers, communication with the shipyard, acceptance tests.
    • Yachts up to 45 meters - 3% of the contract price (quarterly, in equal installments)
    • Yachts from 45 to 55 meters - 2.5% of the contract price (quarterly, in equal installments)
    • Yachts over 55 meters - 2% of the contract price (quarterly, in equal installments)
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