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Houseboats Baikal 16 HC

Houseboat catamaran off-road for living on the water all year round.


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The new steel houseboat combines the versatility of a catamaran with the comfort of a house on the water.

Despite the small size, the catamaran-houseboat has 4 cabins. Or rather, two rooms upstairs in the superstructure and two semi-cabins in the float hulls.

As in an ordinary house, there is a large bathroom and a pantry for all the small things a fisherman needs: gear, fishing rods and all other equipment for summer and winter fishing. If desired, in winter you can fish directly from home by drilling a hole in the ice through a hatch in the floor.

The living room is equipped with a helm station, extendable sofa, coffee table and entertainment equipment, TV and music center. In the kitchen-dining room there is a sliding table for 4, which can be transformed into 8 people. The kitchen is equipped with everything you need: stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator. sink, work table and cabinets for storing food and utensils.

On such a houseboat, you can safely relax with a large company of up to 12 people and 6-8 people stay overnight.

In summer you can travel comfortably along the rivers and lakes of Russia, and in winter stay in one of the yacht clubs.

On the roof of the houseboat, if desired, a crane beam is placed to lift a jet ski or tender boat up to 5 meters long.

Stern platforms can be extended. It is also possible to install a hydraulic platform for storing the jet ski at the bottom.

Houseboat catamaran is equipped with two diesel engines from 150 to 370 hp.

15 kW generator, three-circuit heating system, air conditioning.

Production time 5 months. Warranty 3 years.

The new version of the catamaran will have the ability to land a helicopter on a houseboat.

For these purposes, we have increased the width of the catamaran, and there will be a reinforced platform on which the Italian two-seat Heli-Sport CH-77 Ranabot helicopter can land.

Helicopter characteristics

Capacity: 2 people;
Helicopter length: 7.24 m;
Helicopter height: 2.47 m;
Rotor diameter: 6.28 m;
Weight of empty helicopter: 280 kg;
Maximum takeoff weight: 450 kg. (Depending on configuration);
Cruise speed: 160 km/h;
Maximum flight speed: 210 km/h;
Maximum flight range: 480 km;
Maximum flight altitude: 4800 m;
Powerplant: EPA Power SA-R914H (Depending on configuration);
Power: 130 HP
When ordering a houseboat and a helicopter at the same time, you will receive a special offer from two companies with discounts.

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