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Steel yacht Baikal 18 SMY

When 16 meters is not enough, and 20 is a lot, then the average size of 18 meters becomes just right.


  • Length
  • Width
  • Draft
  • Engine
  • Fuel
    9 500
  • Water
  • Speed max
  • Speed cruise
  • Cabins
  • Sleeping places
  • Capacity




Recently, we have often been told this phrase while looking at our latest projects - a draft version of the Baikal 15 explorer and the hull of the Baikal 20 yacht under construction.

I had to compromise and put a 18m yacht on the list, although we have a built hull of a 17m yacht, but of a completely different design.

So, we have created a project for a yacht for long trips with a size of 18.8 meters. The yacht turned out in the format not of an expeditionary, but of a familiar cruiser, and given the characteristics, the power reserve is a full-fledged explorer - Explorer. With 9,500 liters of fuel and 3,000 liters of water, you can make a long voyage of 3,000 nautical miles at a speed of 8 knots (15 km / h). At a top speed of 10 knots (18 km/h) the distance is slightly reduced, but the additional 4 km/h reduces the travel time as well.

The cabin in the explorer is built on the principle of a single space from stern to bow. When designing the layout, the older brother, the 20-meter Baikal 20 SMY, was taken as the basis. At the entrance to the salon there is a kitchen and a dining table with a soft sofa. Large windows around the perimeter of the superstructure provide good lighting and the opportunity to admire the surrounding views. In the middle of the cabin there is a soft sofa with a coffee table and a large screen of a modern multimedia system with a diagonal of 50 inches. As for music, the partners of the project make the acoustics enveloping and create the feeling that you are bathed in music, wherever you are in the cabin.

The control post is also a part of the cabin, but if desired, it can be fenced off with a soft curtain or a rack can be ordered that will separate the salon from the post and look like an elegant decor from the side of the cabin, and from the side of the post it will be a convenient place to store necessary documents and maps.

The yacht has 3 cabins, one of them is large for the owner. If desired, you can make a 4-cabin option. And no matter which option is chosen, the captain's cabin is located at the stern.
The flybridge was made as long as possible. The second control post is moved to the bow to the maximum. Next to the post there are sofas for guests to relax in order not to let the captain get bored.

On the flybridge are also installed: a bar with a bar counter, a refrigerator, an ice maker, a grill, a large and soft sofa in the middle of the fly, and of course sunbeds. At the request of the Customer, it is possible to install a crane beam to lift the tender to the flybridge.

The length of the yacht is 18.5 meters, plus the length of a stationary or lowering crinoline for a jet ski. The length of the waterline is 18 meters, the maximum width is 5.8 meters. A hull made of 5 mm marine steel, a 20 mm stem in the bow and an additional plating 8 mm thick allow the yacht to sail in the autumn season, when the ice rises in November-December and start the yachting season already in April, at a time when plastic yachts are on the shore . With such a thickness of the hull, the yacht can not be lifted in the winter, one lift every 3-5 years is enough to treat the hull with antifouling paint.

At the request of the Customer, the case is painted in any color to choose from 256 tones. There is no limit to the imagination of either the Customer or the designer. The yacht is built completely to order, interiors and decor are created as in a studio - individually.

The construction period is 18 months, taking into account the finalization of design documentation for a specific customer. 3 year body warranty. The first customers receive a special offer for this yacht.
In the end, you get a yacht with a personal interior and decor, a yacht that can please you for a very long time, a yacht that will help you make exciting trips in the company of family and friends, without regard to all the restrictions between states.

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