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Baikal 118 Sport

The interior and exterior design for the Manuscript 118 sports yacht is created individually. We do not build "serial" yachts, for each Customer a group of design professionals creates their own solution, pleasing to the soul and heart


  • Length
  • Width
  • Draft
  • Engine
    2х2000 HP
  • Fuel
    30 000
  • Water
  • Speed max
  • Speed cruise
  • Cabins
  • Sleeping places
  • Capacity




Looking at the Manuscript 18 motor superyacht, some say that the yacht has an aggressive design. This is far from the truth. The superyacht has a really bright, eye-catching design. But thanks to clear lines, well-thought-out contours and non-standard solutions, the designer conveys to the yacht the strength and character that was originally incorporated into the idea. The yacht shows not itself, but the person who owns it. He is not afraid to publicly show his fortitude, originality and at the same time openness. The yacht is far from outrageous, it is harmonious in its lines and emphasizes the real individuality of the owner. It does not hide in the serial snow-whiteness of eminent plastic one-size-fits-alls. Just like Roman Abramovich with his Eclipse megayacht or Andrey Melnichenko with his A megayacht, he shows the world his excellent taste, independence and success.

When choosing between the sizes of yachts of various manufacturers, many yacht lovers tend to desire to purchase a large yacht, but capable of entering any marina and mooring. It was on the basis of these wishes that the first yacht Manuscript 118 was ordered, the development of which we started in September 2013. The bright design and individual look appeal to everyone at first sight. And the large, well-planned space of the boat makes staying on it very comfortable.

The interior and exterior design for the Manuscript 118 superyacht is created individually. We do not build “serial” yachts; for each Customer, a group of design professionals creates their own solution that is pleasing to the soul and heart. We have a model range in size 88-118-148, which is convenient when switching from size to size. After 4-5 years, you will be able to transfer from 118 feet to 148 feet, providing a smaller trade-in boat as partial payment. By participating in our LIFE YACHTS program, you can not worry about the future sale of the yacht and finding a buyer, we provide the client with a full package of services under this program.

As we have already said, the Manuscript 118 motor superyacht is the first yacht that our team has started building for a customer from Russia. A 35.6 meter superyacht will easily enter almost all marinas without any restrictions. Well-thought-out hull contours make it possible to sail at a speed of about 30 knots, the cruising speed of yachts is 20-25 knots. At a speed of 12 knots, the yacht is capable of passing about 3,000 knots. With seemingly modest percentages, all this becomes very noticeable when crossing long distances. Where a standard yacht sails along the shore from marina to marina, the Manuscript 118 superyacht sails directly, saving the owner significant time and money.

The owner's cabin is located amidships. From the noise of the engine compartment, it is closed by the crew cabins. But even the crew does not experience any discomfort when communicating or relaxing. The yacht is designed using modern technologies, which can significantly reduce noise, vibration and fuel consumption.

We are talking about 20% savings for a reason. Not only are our yachts 20% cheaper than competitors, but the fuel consumption, thanks to hybrid propulsion and propulsion systems, results in fuel savings of up to 20% compared to traditional powertrain and shaft line installations. Where a traditional yacht would have to sail along the coastline from port to port, you can sail directly, reducing time and saving significant fuel.

Two VIP cabins are located forward and to starboard. It's quite spacious and comfortable. In the bow cabin, the bed is positioned in such a way that, when lying down or waking up, guests can direct their gaze to the sea without turning their heads. And it will not interfere with watching TV, which is also set in the direction of the person's gaze.

The two cabins on the port side are spacious enough for guests. Each cabin is equipped with its own bathroom.

There are more arguments in favor of placing an order with Manuscript Yachts:

  1. Each yacht is built to order, serial yachts are not produced. There is only serial size 88-118-148 and beyond. Individuality from the exterior to the interior.
  2. Each yacht is accompanied by the LIFE YACHTS program. This makes it easier and faster for the owner to sell the yacht and upgrade to a larger size later on. We take care of the sale.
  3. We are ready to work on the trade-in program when switching from size to size, and we will take your yacht as a cost offset after the delivery of the new yacht to you.
  4. We will help you with the purchase of a yacht on credit or leasing from the moment of construction at very pleasant rates through our European financial partners.

You will receive a nice gift from Manuscript Yachts useful for your new yacht. And get the most out of owning a yacht.

In addition to saving up to 20% by placing an order with us, you will receive as a gift from us two wonderful entertainment devices that will easily fit into your yacht garage.

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