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Steel yacht Baikal 20 SMY

A new project of the steel cruise yacht Baikal 20, designed specifically for connoisseurs of the most comfortable and long journeys.


  • Length
  • Width
  • Draft
  • Engine
  • Fuel
    12 000
  • Water
  • Speed max
  • Speed cruise
  • Cabins
  • Sleeping places
  • Capacity




One of the most important and successfully implemented conditions in this project is the possibility of making safe long-distance crossings on an absolutely reliable steel yacht, designed taking into account all established shipbuilding standards and rules, many years of experience and knowledge of professionals.

Also, the unique and inimitable implementation of this project was influenced by the ardent desire of the customer to create an original design of the new yacht, which would most closely correspond to the modern Italian trends of well-known world brands, but at the same time retain its individuality and stand out favorably among other yachts of this class.

The steel cruise yacht Baikal 20 has 4 comfortable and full-fledged cabins with convenient private bathrooms:

  • The master cabin (located amidships) is luxurious in its right and purpose, so it occupies most of the living area in the hull.
  • The VIP cabin (located forward) is as luxurious and comfortable as the owner's cabin, but a little smaller.
  • Two guest cabins (port and starboard), which harmoniously provide a pleasant and complete rest for the duration of the trip.

In addition, separately in the stern of the yacht, there is a cabin for the captain and assistant, which adequately provides for all the necessary needs of people, both in rest and in work. This location of the cabin allows the yacht's staff not to disturb unnecessarily and not to interrupt the rest of the owner, as well as the guests of the yacht, while performing their official duties in a timely and conscientious manner.

If necessary, the yacht can take on board up to 8 guests at the same time, while each guest will be provided with comfort and personal space.

At the request of the customer, the engine compartment is equipped with two reliable diesel hearts with a power of 250 to 400 hp.

Two diesel engines of 300 hp are offered as standard, which allows the yacht to reach a cruising speed of 11 knots at low speeds and significantly save fuel.

Also, another configuration of the yacht is possible, providing for highly efficient equipment optimization - installation of a diesel-electric propulsion system.

High-quality installation of electric motors on a yacht is carried out by one of the reliable German partner companies.

A large area of the hardtop will be covered with solar panels to generate electricity and store it in batteries.

The comfortable and spacious salon, located on the main deck of the steel cruise yacht Baikal 20, is divided into three bright and harmonious zones:

  • main control post equipped with all necessary modern equipment
  • small salon with comfortable furniture for relaxing, as well as with built-in audio and TV equipment
  • dinetta (fully equipped with kitchen equipment), combined with a dining room, smoothly turning into an open cockpit area.

The dinette area is equipped with a sliding and rising glass - for serving dishes to the cockpit, and is located in such a way that it is most convenient to serve cooked dishes both inside the saloon and on the open cockpit area.

Salon and cockpit are separated by a large sliding door. The cockpit has a table and a soft sofa for outdoor recreation.

On the left side of the board there is a convenient ladder for entering the spacious flybridge. The large area of ​​the flybridge also effectively divides it into several seating areas. In the middle part there is a sunbathing area with sun loungers, then there is a dining area and a cozy bar counter with a set of equipment necessary for cooling drinks, for preparing meals, as well as for storing dishes and maintaining cleanliness.
Climbing up a step, we move to the zone of the second control post, which completely duplicates the main control post. For the convenience of the guests of the yacht, next to the second helm station, there is a large, soft and comfortable circular sofa for relaxing. On the flybridge, if desired, it is possible to place a tender boat or a jet ski (closer to the stern).

Taking into account the experience and knowledge of our company, as well as personal wishes on the issue of design and various financial possibilities of clients, the interior decoration of the yacht is created individually for each customer.

For convenience, we offer you to choose one of the three proposed options:

  • Premium - use of natural veneer, combination of colors (included in the price)
  • Exclusive - use of precious woods, combination (plus the cost of Premium)
  • Deluxe - precious woods with inlay (plus the cost of Premium)

Regardless of which of the above options is chosen by the customer, the quality of the interior finish for the selected option will in any case correspond to the ideal.

The construction period of the yacht is 18 months.
3 year warranty on body.

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