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Houseboat Baikal 20T10

Baikal Yachts Group presents a new unique houseboat - a Baikal 20X10 transformer measuring 20 by 10 meters, designed specifically for reputable and reasonably economical owners who want the most comfortable and without extra time and money, in the future, if necessary, to increase the length of their board by going on the size of 24 meters.


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Our sea catamaran houseboat - transformer Baikal 20X10 is ready to please all year round and faithfully serve its owner in any season and weather.
Creating a reliable sea catamaran houseboat-transformer Baikal 20X10, taking into account the proposed competent layout of the internal space and ease of operation, the specialists of Baikal Yachts Group put into the project a unique solution that makes it possible to realize the dream of many owners of houseboats and catamarans, this is the possibility of increasing the length of the vessel from 20 up to 24 meters, without major alterations, using the technology of changing the length of the hull, as in the projects of large commercial vessels.
If today the owner enjoys traveling on the inland waterways of Russia, and the size of the vessel is enough for him up to 20 meters under the GIMS, and tomorrow he wishes to go to the Baltic or the Mediterranean Sea, or for other other reasons the owner will need to "grow" in the size of the vessel, in order to please yourself, to experience pride in the growth of your possessions and your own strength, to accommodate more relatives, friends, as well as guests and friends on a catamaran, then in this project this opportunity is most effectively provided. If the owner wishes, the Baikal 20X10 transformer houseboat can be extended up to 24 meters in length, without changing the width, while maintaining and even increasing comfort and safety in operation.

Houseboat-transformer Baikal 20X10 became a unique solution and inspiration, an effective continuation of the use of technology from the experience of upgrading marine vessels in increasing the length of the hull, so our catamaran easily changes to another size range. A specially designed insert (measuring 4 meters) is welded in a special way between the cabins and the engine room in the hull and above, thus significantly more usable space appears between the saloon and the cabins.
As mentioned earlier, Baikal Yachts Group initially designed the presented catamaran as a sea houseboat. Houseboat - transformer Baikal 20X10 is a unique, harmonious combination that has absorbed and combined all the best of the two originally created independent vessels (houseboat and catamaran) into one magnificent work of shipbuilding.
The main difference between a houseboat and a catamaran (yacht type), in this project, lies in the requirements for the manufacture and appearance of the hull, as well as in the very quality of the materials used in interior decoration. Houseboat, in a certain sense, is simple and good because there are no official, strictly strict rules and standards for bringing its hull to the level of a yacht's shiny, flawless surface. There are really much fewer requirements for the appearance of a houseboat, since its main function is to provide maximum convenience to its owner inside. Outside, the hull is not puttied in 5 layers, as is customary for finishing yachts, it is simply primed and painted with high quality. At the same time, welding seams can be visible, but, as a rule, the owner does not care much - the main thing is a houseboat with a flat body, and this is quite enough for him. However, in case the owner wants to move to the yacht level, the hull is already processed in full, using special technologies and materials that allow it to successfully achieve the high requirements of standards in the yacht industry and shipbuilding.
The same thing happens with interior decoration. As a rule, for general accessibility and economy, houseboats are presented on the shipbuilding market with a simple and inexpensive interior finish. But again, it all depends on the desires and capabilities of the owner. Standard wall panels are dismantled and replaced with Italian veneer of precious woods such as wenge, mahogany, bog oak and other noble woods to choose from. This applies to absolutely everything - ceilings, floors, windows, doors, partitions, etc.

Baikal Yachts Group always takes into account and harmoniously combines all the needs and capabilities of its customers. We provide the owner of the Baikal 20X10 transforming Houseboat with a great opportunity to grow both in size and in the quality of interior and exterior decoration, to get the maximum aesthetic and physical pleasure from travel and life on a catamaran.

Houseboat - transformer Baikal 20X10 has comfortable and convenient 6 cabins, 2 of which are on the main deck and 4 cabins in the hulls. Cabins in the hulls are just as bright and spacious as those on the main deck. Due to competent design, the width of the floats of the catamaran is 3.5 meters and with a length of 4 meters, the cabins have a very solid area of ​​12 sq.m., as in a good, spacious hotel room 3-4 stars and higher, depending on the finish.
Baikal Yachts Group offers a number of noteworthy layout options for the Baikal 20X10 transformer Houseboat to choose from and satisfy any taste of the owner. For example, harmoniously combined, smoothly transitioning, and complementing each other in style and content, the salon and the owner’s cabin can be located in the bow of the main deck, also, an equally interesting option is offered, in which the owner’s cabin is romantically and secluded on the second deck, and, of course, a very seductive layout project that proposes to create and emphasize the wealth and luxury of the owner, embodied in two large VIP cabins of equal value on the sides, seems very seductive.

Houseboat - transformer Baikal 20X10 is equipped with two control posts - the main control post is located on the second deck, and a backup post, smaller in size, is located below. This solution allows the owner to comfortably manage the houseboat on their own, or transfer control to the captain, and enjoy the beautiful views, communicate with guests or do their own business while traveling. A third control post aft is also possible in the form of a joystick for stern mooring.
Like all projects of the Baikal Yacht Group, the presented Houseboat - transformer Baikal 20X10 is designed for year-round use. It will be very cozy and comfortable to spend a cold, snowy winter in it as in a luxurious, noble and reliable country house, and in the summer to travel from St. Petersburg to Sochi with almost one gas station. Such a pleasant, and very profitable in every sense, opportunity for the owner is achieved by installing economical Italian diesel engines, time-tested for reliability and the highest quality, with enough power to pass with dignity in difficult weather conditions. The interservice run is 600 engine hours, and the engine operating time before overhaul is 20,000 engine hours. Fuel consumption at medium speeds at a speed of 15 km / h is only 20 liters per hour. With fuel tanks of 5,000 tons and low fuel consumption, this will allow very long distances to be covered without refueling.

Baikal Yacht Group - надежный и качественный производитель хаусботов в России, всегда с уважением и заботой о своих клиентах предлагает только лучшие решения. Baikal Yacht Group готов предложить самый интересный со всех точек зрения хаусбот, спроектированный и построенный с применением большого положительного опыта, профессиональных знаний и высоких стандартов судостроения, обеспечивающий безопасность и долговечность в эксплуатации, а также, значительно сэкономить средства в индивидуальном проекте. Baikal Yacht Group – хаусботы только по таким правилам.

Желаем всем процветания, а добрые и светлые мечты почаще сбывались.

Baikal Yachts Group во всех своих проектах заботится о приятном комфорте и максимальной безопасности своих клиентов, мы всегда готовы поддержать и воплотить мечту, вдохновить к любым положительным расширениям горизонтов и возможностей наших уважаемых владельцев судов. Хаусбот – трансформер Baikal 20X10 это оптимальное решение и еще одно подтверждение, как и все наши проекты, сказанному выше.

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