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Baikal 88 Sport

We present to your attention a new project of the Manuscript 88 motor yacht. This is a joint production of a team of yacht industry professionals from Poland, Russia, Italy.


  • Length
  • Width
  • Draft
  • Engine
    2х1250 HP
  • Fuel
  • Water
  • Speed max
  • Speed cruise
  • Cabins
  • Sleeping places
  • Capacity




Individuality. It is this word that can characterize the Manuscript 88 motor yacht, presented by the international group Manuscript Yachts. The project is designed for people with a good sense of taste who want to emphasize their originality.

Designer Wojciech Wesolek set out to create a yacht that expresses and emphasizes the bright personality of its owner. And as you can see, he did a great job. Even if Roman Abramovich's megayacht Eclipse stands next to the Manuscript 88 motor yacht, you can be sure that thanks to its amazing design, Manuscript will attract no less eyes. And if the world media does not write about your yacht, then in the memory of everyone who sees your boat, its lines will remain, reminiscent of the facets of the rare beauty of a diamond.

So, we present to your attention a new project of the Manuscript 88 motor yacht. This is a joint production of a team of yacht industry professionals from Poland, Russia, Italy. The design project was developed by the Polish designer Wojciech Wesolek, the winner of several industrial design competitions and the owner of prestigious international awards in the yachting industry. Design team 3J Yachting from Italy, working for many yacht manufacturers in Italy, including famous brands - ADMIRAL, Tecnomar, Kifaru, MondoMarine, Amy, Bat and others. Construction of a yacht at the SteelumYachts shipyard in Pisa, Italy. This shipyard built several aluminum yachts for Sanlorenzo, Baglietto, Kifaru. Better recommendations are hard to find. The project was managed by a team of engineers from Russia. And this allows you to work more quickly and efficiently with customers from Russia and the CIS countries: it reduces construction costs and makes it possible to save about 20% of the cost, compared to yachts of similar sizes from other famous manufacturers. And modern hybrid power plants and new types of POD Drive propulsion systems allow saving fuel up to 20%, while the speed of the yacht increases by 15-20% compared to conventional types of propulsion.

In addition to the non-standard look, the Manuscript 88 motor yacht is distinguished from its classmates by a wider hull and huge panoramic windows in the cabin of the owner and guests. Any body color can be chosen. Initially, it was conceived in two colors. Moreover, these two colors can be either the same tone or contrasting. When developing your yacht project, several options will be offered.

When it comes to interior design, you can do whatever you want, and our interior designers can offer you an exclusive solution.

The yacht is built strictly to order. The construction period, depending on the selected configuration and interior solutions, is 15-20 months after the approval of the Terms of Reference and interior sketches.

There are more arguments in favor of placing an order with Manuscript Yachts:

  1. Each yacht is built to order, serial yachts are not produced. There is only serial size 88-118-148 and beyond. Individuality from the exterior to the interior.
  2. Each yacht is accompanied by the LIFE YACHTS program. This makes it easier and faster for the owner to sell the yacht and upgrade to a larger size later on. We take care of the sale.
  3. We are ready to work on the trade-in program when switching from size to size, and we will take your yacht as a cost offset after the delivery of the new yacht to you.
  4. We will help you with the purchase of a yacht on credit or leasing from the moment of construction at very pleasant rates through our European financial partners.
  5. You will receive a nice gift from Manuscript Yachts useful for your new yacht. And get the most out of owning a yacht.

In addition to saving up to 20% by placing an order with us, you will receive as a gift from us two wonderful entertainment devices that will easily fit into your yacht garage.

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