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Houseboat Baikal 12 VIPHouseboat Baikal 12 VIP

Houseboat Baikal 12 VIP

Light, beautiful, cozy, pleasing to the eye - this is all about the Baikal 12 VIP houseboat.
Houseboat Baikal 20T10Houseboat Baikal 20T10

Houseboat Baikal 20T10

Baikal Yachts Group presents a new unique houseboat - a Baikal 20X10 transformer measuring 20 by 10 meters,...
Catamaran houseboats Baikal 20Catamaran houseboats Baikal 20

Catamaran houseboats Baikal 20

Catamaran-houseboat Baikal 20 with 6 cabins.
Houseboat catamaran Baikal 20 HHHouseboat catamaran Baikal 20 HH

Houseboat catamaran Baikal 20 HH

Steel houseboat with a platform for receiving a helicopter. Year-round use.
Houseboat Baikal 20  SYHHouseboat Baikal 20  SYH

Houseboat Baikal 20 SYH

Steel marine houseboat for year-round living and summer travel.
Houseboat Baikal 18R2Houseboat Baikal 18R2

Houseboat Baikal 18R2

An excellent replacement for an expensive yacht. Houseboat for travel on the seas, rivers and reservoirs. S...
Houseboat Baikal 18RHouseboat Baikal 18R

Houseboat Baikal 18R

River houseboat with steel hull. Lots of space for a reasonable price.
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