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Houseboat Baikal 14

The new catamaran-houseboat made of basalt fabrics surpasses fiberglass yachts in terms of spaciousness, hull strength, comfort and makes it possible to use it all year round.


  • Length
  • Width
  • Draft
  • Engine
    от 2x60 до 2х350
  • Fuel
  • Water
  • Speed max
  • Speed cruise
  • Cabins
  • Sleeping places
  • Capacity




Marine grade houseboat for private use or charter. A houseboat is being built from HDPE.

The catamaran has 4 cabins, saloon, bathroom and sauna and a huge flybridge for this size of yachts.
For the charter version, the two upper cabins are removed, leaving only two half cabins in the hulls.

The catamaran is fully equipped with furniture, household appliances and everything necessary for living and traveling. The hull and superstructure are undergoing winter preparation, which makes it possible to use it as a country cottage in winter. It is not necessary to remove the case from the water, seaweed and mollusks do not stick to HDPE.

There are two control posts, one in the saloon, the second on the flybridge. On the spacious flybridge there are sofas, minibar, grill, sink, sunbeds. The set of furniture on both versions is the same.

The catamaran is suitable for renting, unlike the French penichets, it can be rented all year round, which allows you to increase the income of companies engaged in such business.

Two engines from 60 to 150 hp allow you to get the desired speed. For a family accustomed to a leisurely comfortable life, you can install economical low-power engines, for lovers of speed, powerful engines are suitable, allowing you to accelerate the houseboat to high speeds.

It also provides for the installation of solar collectors on the roof of the hardtop. They can provide electricity to all household appliances and electric motors, which can be installed optionally. Electric motors can be either suspended or stationary.

To strengthen the case, it will be possible to additionally glue it from a new material similar in its properties to Kevlar and carbon fiber, from a basalt fabric of special weaving. It even outwardly resembles these expensive materials, but unlike them, basalt is closer to the cost of fiberglass yachts. This successful combination allows you to build very durable cases and use the aesthetics of popular carbon fabrics in interior elements. The use of basalt fiber is associated with its unique properties, such as the specific strength of basalt fiber is 2.5 times higher than the strength of alloyed steels and 1.5 times the strength of glass fiber

базальтовая ткань  базальтовое полотно

External structural parts made of basalt fabric withstand many years of operation even under the negative impact of chemical and natural factors. The service life can reach up to 50 years. Super-thin basalt fibers, unlike glass and mineral fibers, are incredibly strong, resistant to vibration and not subject to the damaging effects of moisture. There are a number of undeniable advantages of basalt fabrics.

The new catamarans are poised to replace the lack of deliveries of new yachts to Russia and offer much more recreational opportunities for water travel lovers. A hybrid of a sea catamaran and a houseboat made of a new material will give a new impetus to the Russian yacht industry.

For delivery to remote cities, you can order a KIT kit for self-assembly.

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