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Sail yacht Baikal 17 SMSY

Motorsailer for long trips in any weather.


  • Length
  • Width
  • Draft
  • Engine
  • Fuel
  • Water
  • Speed max
  • Speed cruise
  • Cabins
  • Sleeping places
  • Capacity



Motorsailer for long trips in any weather.

The yacht provides accommodation from 3 to 6 cabins, depending on the chosen layout. There is a large garage for a tender or jet ski and the necessary equipment.

For good weather, there are two sunbathing areas on the deck, in the bow and stern. From the cockpit you can slide down a large crinoline to the garage, or dive in and up using the built-in retractable ladder.

The main control post is closed from the wind, but provides for the opening of windshields and a soft awning on top in good weather.

In the proposed version, the mast is one, but two masts were originally proposed. The yacht is equipped with masts and rigging from the Swedish company Selden.

It is planned to install an engine from 200 to 370 hp, both a simple diesel engine and a modern hybrid engine. Solar collectors can be installed on the roof to provide electricity to a battery pack.

The steel case is insulated with modern materials that allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature inside in various weather conditions, be it hot or cold, and significantly reduce external noise.

The yacht will be completed to the maximum for long-distance travel, a full package of navigational equipment, the maximum equipment of household appliances, a good generator, heaters and air conditioners, and so on.

Everything you need for comfortable travel from the Arctic to the Antarctic or along the equator, at the choice of the navigator.

The yacht will be produced in a steel or aluminum hull from a new alloy with the addition of scandium, which makes the hull equal in strength to titanium.


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